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A Kofax VRS standalone license can be deactivated in VRS Administration Console on the station where it is active. Click the Deactivate button to release the license. Released license can be activated on a new station. If you cannot access the station due to some special circumstances, please contact our Sales Support department for the assistance. Kofax Product Deactivation. Please complete all of the information below to deactivate your license. You must deactivate your license in order to use it on another machine. Product Identification How to find this information. * Serial Number: * Deactivation Code: To activate a serial number, please Click Here. How to manage Kofax VRS elite license rate? If you are an existing customer, follow the instructions below to manually activate or manage your license -. · The software installs provide automatic activation from the installer or license utility for your Kofax product. · If automatic activation is not a successful use the procedure below.

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There is no automatic process like we have for VRS or Kofax Express. Instead, please contact Sales Support. SSR.AMS SSR.EMEA SSR.APAC (or via the Temporary Activation Code Website) and ask for a move of the Machine Id, which is basically that we clear the Machine Id associated with the Serial Number to allow a.

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. Welcome > System > System settings > License servers and statistics > Reactivate license on primary Reactivate license on primary For Designer in an on-premise multi-tenant or Azure environment, the option to activate or reactivate the license is not available; the license is reactivated automatically.

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The categories of VRS Elite Licenses (Desktop, Workgroup, or Production) are determined by Kofax, not by Canon. Upon upgrade, OEM Licenses are overwritten with the new VRS Elite license, which unlocks VRS Elite features otherwise available only in demo mode with the OEM versions. Product Download Center. Please choose the language of product you purchased. English. Français. Deutsch. Italiano. With the Kofax VRS Elite Server you can administer the Kofax VRS licenses that you purchase across multiple scanners and computers in your network from one central administration console. This allows you to activate licenses on all of your machines from one location without having to go to each machine individually to configure and license them.

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On May 1, 2010, the Greek government announced a series of austerity measures to secure a three-year €110 billion loan. The Troika offered Greece a second bailout loan worth €130 billion in October 2011, but with activation conditional on implementation of further austerity measures and a debt restructuring agreement. Contents VirtualReScan (VRS) User's Guide vii Configuring a Scan Source – Quick Start Method……………………….. 120. The license activation information does require manual activation. Within 5 days of receiving your temporary license contact Kofax Sales Support at the number or email address below to discuss a permanent solution. Please enter accurate licensing and contact information in order to allow for such a resolution. All fields are required.

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Kofax VRS Elite 5.1 Workgroup. Monitor your scanners and proactively alert administrators to issues affecting image quality or system throughput, including failing lamps, multi-feeds and roller wear. Manage and distribute your Kofax VRS Elite licenses to your scan stations using the licensing utility, making administration of your scanning. Has anyone deployed Kofax VRS Licence Server within Azure? If so, are there any particular technical challenges or issues that you had overcome and how did you resolve them?… How can I move and activate Kofax Capture software license? Number of Views 1.46K. VRS / Scanning Apps Release Announcements.

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Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS), version 4.1 SP2 and later can be used with FORMS 5-3. This document describes how to install and configure VRS version 4.1 SP2. The information. Kofax VRS Elite lies within Office Tools, more precisely Document management. We recommend checking the downloaded files with any free antivirus. The program can also be called "Kofax VRS Update 2 for". A or R are the frequent file names to indicate this program's installer.

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You may even have had Kofax reset the license once already and gone through the activation process again only to find yourself here once more. So, what gives? During the activation process, VRS uses the machine's MAC address to build the Machine ID that it assigns to the license. If the machine has multiple MAC addresses, VRS just picks the. Install KOFAX VRS. Select the scanner you will use from the Certified Scanners screen that appears during installation. For details on the installation procedure for KOFAX VRS, refer to "VRS Installation G; on the KOFAX VRS CD-ROM. Install the Canon scanner driver. Be sure to install the scanner driver included on the Canon Setup DVD.

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If OEM VRS was installed verify license was properly attached. Program files\Kofax\Capture\ImgCtls\Bin\A; Program files\Kofax\ImgCtls\Bin\A; If Activated properly a dialog should open showing the following: Reboot; Install Kofax Capture. Setup must be run from the CaptureSV share, do not copy locally.

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Uninstall the product or click Deactivate VRS in the Kofax VRS folder on the Start Menu (Version 4.10 only) or run D in the bin directory under the VRS installation directory. When asked to deactivate VRS click Yes. Wait while the attempt to access the license server fails. You will get a dialog called "Deactivate – No Internet.

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Sarah Bringold (Kofax) asked a question. Edited by Stefan Dobis May 19, 2020 at 10:58 AM License errors may have different origins and should be investigated by your Reseller if you have any or by our Technical Support team raising a support case in the Partner or Customer Portals if you are a partner or direct Kofax customer. To manually activate a Kofax Express 3.x license: Fill out all required Activation information. Navigate to the Kofax Product License Activation Web page. Enter the User Identification information and Product Identification fields. Copy and paste the license code from the Web page into the License Code field. Click the Activate button.

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To manually activate a Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license: Open VRS Administration Console | License and fill all the License Information required fields. Click on Manual. Navigate to the Kofax Product License Activation Web page. Enter the User Identification information and Product Identification fields. Click Get license code. The Kofax Support pages provide product-specific information, such as current revision levels, the latest drivers and software patches, online documentation and user manuals, updates to product release notes (if any), technical tips, and an extensive searchable knowledgebase. You can find VRS FAQs on the VRS Support pages.

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