1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine Serial Numbers

More.45-70 Springfields, 1873-1893: The Uncommon, the.

A good honest 1873 Trapdoor Springfield rifle with all the correct 1st model features. Its early features include a long wrist, a high arch breech block, a flat barrel tenon and a one piece front sight. It has three sling swivels and circled "P" proof mark stamped in the walnut stock, just behind the trigger guard. That serial number is not in the SRS database so there really is no way to trace unless you have some period documentation that lists that serial number. The best bet would be as thorin6 suggests and go to as there is a gentleman there that has a database of serial numbers for 1873 carbines. Hi, I was wanting to get a serial number check on 1873 Trapdoor serial number 145322. Thanks.

Pedersoli Trapdoor Springfield Carbine | Reproduction.

This Springfield Model 1873 Carbine is serial numbered "41055" which makes it made in 1875 and falls into the under approximately 50,000 serial number range, which is the "Custer Range". It is also 655 guns from known Custer gun serial numbered "41743&quot. Standard rifles are 32-5/8", cadet rifles are 29-5/8", and standard carbines are 22". Several other lengths exist, but may be identified and/or confirmed by the serial number provided, as they occur in narrow ranges. We need the COMPLETE serial number – there is only ONE reason why an exact number is not given, and it should not be relevant here. There were 60,912 carbines made from 1873 to 1893. Those with serial numbers below 43,700 are known as “Custer Guns,” as there is a possibility they saw action at the Little Big Horn, but.

Harrington & Richardson Model 1873 Officers Trapdoor Rifle.

In the 1.6 million serial number range have been observed ranging from number 1,602,XXX through 1,639,XXX. All of this supports the January 1945 date for the serial number range change. 1932-1934 – 80 1937 AUG-120 SEP-307 OCT-539 NOV-696 DEC-1034 1938 JAN-1186 FEB-1338 MAR-1809 APR-2213 MAY-2406 JUN-2911 JUL-2911 AUG-3537 SEP-4386 OCT-5242. This is a very early, very good condition and very scarce Springfield Armory Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle in.45-70 caliber that was made in early 1847, which is the first full year of Model 1873 production. This particular rifle is New Jersey surcharged. The serial number on this rifle is 31099, which places the date of manufacture of the receiver to late 1874. Serial number production in 1874.

Early Converted Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Carbine (AL7171).

EARLY SPRINGFIELD U.S. MODEL 1873 TRAPDOOR.45-70 CAL. RIFLE. Circa 1874 with 12,xxx serial number. First year production for the Model 1873. Numbered close to documented rifles issued to the 5th and 7th U.S. Infantry Regiments on frontier duty at the time. Very good overall with 70-80% blue on the barrel.

Springfield Trapdoor Model 1873.45-70 Govt Single Shot Rifle.

This Springfield Model 1873 Carbine is serial numbered "41055" which makes it made in 1875 and falls into the under approximately 50,000 serial number range, which is the "Custer Range". It is also 655 guns from known Custer gun serial numbered "41743&quot. 715k members in the guns community. A place for responsible gun owners and enthusiasts to talk about guns without the politics.

I Just Purchased a Springfield Arms Model 1873 Trapdoor 45.

Original Item: Only One available. This is a wonderful example of the classic Springfield trapdoor rifle, the weapon used, in its carbine form, by the troopers of the 7th Cavalry that met their fate at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. The breech block is marked: U.S. MODEL 1873 Offered in excellent condition is this trapdoor rifle in 45-70 government caliber. Serial # 92919 with a partly.

Custer Era Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine | Rock.

U.S. Springfield Model 1873/1884 Trapdoor CarbineThis carbine falls into the serial number range of the Model 1873 Carbines possibly issued to the 7th Cavalry Regiment before the Battle of The Little Bighorn (it has been estimated that the "Custer era" serial number range for late 1873 carbines is 33,000-43,600).

Trapdoor production data – The U.S. Springfield Trapdoor.

Antique U.S. Model 1873 Springfield First Type Officer's Sporting Rifle, 45-70 Caliber, Serial Number 45 (Total quantity 477), One of small group bearing 1881 inspectors' mark, A superior early production example; subsequently became the US Model 1875, Very fine plus, F729.

Original U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Model 1873 Cadet Rifle.

Serial number 3111. 45-70 caliber with a 22" barrel. This gun was made into a carbine from a rifle. Metal has a dark gray patina. This gun has all of the early features with high arch breach block, early markings, stacking swivel and lack of proofs on the barrel. The stock forward from the barrel band has a filled section for the ram rod. U.S. Springfield Model 1873 trapdoor saddleU.S. Springfield Model 1873 trapdoor saddle ring carbine circa 1880 serial number 134037;.50-70 caliber marked ''U.S. SPRINGFIELD'' and spread eagle on U.S. SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 TRAPDOOR RIFLE, U.S. SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 TRAPDOOR RIFLE, 45-70 caliber, 29 1/2" barrel, full length walnut stock, two..

Where do you find 1873 springfield trapdoor serial number.

Model 1873 "Trapdoor" Springfield Rifle,.47 caliber, serial number 130814, visible near breech. Lock plate marked "U.S./SPRINGFIELD/eagle head," breech block marked "MODEL/1873/eagle head over crossed arrows/US.," top of barrel near breech marked "VP" with additional letters, barrel bands marked "U," right side of butt stock marked"47/B," left side of wrist withgovernment cartouche.

Seeking information on Springfield Trapdoor Mod… – History.

Model 1870 Rifle: In 1873, 100 had Metcalfe Attachments. Trapdoor Production Data for Models 1873, 1875, 1877, 1884 and 1888 Calendar Year Rifles Carbines Cadet Rifles Ramrod Bayonet Rifles Officer's Model 1875 Forager Shotgun ONLY New Arms Produced Observed Final Ser.No. The Springfield Trapdoor Cartridge Rifle and Carbine was produced for the military in 1873. It was a redesign of the Army's Allin Trapdoor rifle. The Springfield Trapdoor held the new, more powerful.45-70 military cartridge. Full-stocked, 32 inch barreled rifles, as well as half-stocked, short-barreled carbines, were produced.

PDF 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Serial Numbers – Yola.

Springfield trapdoor rifles & carbines. springfield trapdoor rifles and carbines. these were manufactured from 1873 to 1893. year. rifles. carbines. cadet rifles. long range rifles. ramrod bayonet rifles. 24 inch carbines. heavy barrel calvary rifles. serial numbers the first of each year. 1873. 4. 1942—–1. 1874. 22398. 10973. 1—–1947. 24 rows.

Springfield Armory Model 1873 "Trapdoor" Rifle.

According to the Springfield Research Service Serial Numbers Volume 2, 2nd Edition a large number of these 1884 trapdoor rifles, in serial numbers near yours, were given to the US Navy in 1943, however the closed serial number I found was 480883 which was transferred to the Springfield Armory Museum in 1909. Lisa Sharik. Between 1872-1873 the US Ordnance held trails to determine a new rifle with the Springfield, Sharps, Peabody, Whitney, Spencer, Remington, and Winchester all being tested. Some were single shot, others were magazine-fed. Unsurprisingly the 1873 Trapdoor Springfield was picked as the board decided that reliability was preferable to capacity.

Bonhams A Rare.45-70 Springfield 1873 Model 'Trapdoor.

With the serial number that you provided,your Springfield model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine was produced in the year 1877. The U.S. Model 1873 Springfield trapdoor rifle was the first of the U.S. 45 Government center fire caliber (45-70) arms. This early Model 1873, serial number 24,355, was made in 1874. It was later updated with a replacement stock, barrel, and 1884 rear band. The 32 5/8" round barrel has a fine bore with strong rifling. With the serial number that you provided,your Springfield model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine was produced in the year 1877. Where are the Military archives with serial number 40859 for 1873 Springfield.

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