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Silver Besson serial number 375698 model 2-20 made in England all slides move valves play beautifully. Sweet salvationist sound blends exceptionally well with brass ensemble. light pitting on slides- no red rot. comes with guard gig bag, blue juice valve oil, bach 3c cornet mpc. happy bidding.

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Reliable serial number information from the 1990s through 2006 is notoriously difficult to find. Unless you already know the year or know someone who owns a Besson horn and knows the year of manufacture, you pretty much have to extrapolate based on assumptions of how many horns Besson made in a given year. The French-made Besson trumpets from around that period are some of the best trumpets ever made. If you happen to come across one of these wonderful French Besson trumpets you should look for serial numbers below 91000 to verify that it is indeed a Brevete trumpet. They can be worth a fortune. Used Besson Trumpets? Check These Things.

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Brass instruments bearing the Besson name that were manufactured by Boosey & Hawkes (the UK instruments with serial numbers 185200 – 890008).23 pages. All existing Kanstul French Besson trumpets have 3, 4 or 5 digit serial numbers ( got to about 7,000 by 1998, now at around 40,000).. There are multiple sources. It has an odd serial number on the back of the #2 valve A00022 (unlike any Besson serial numbers I've ever seen). I'm guessing it to be 14 or 15 years old, but new in the original box and hard case. The box is labeled with London beneath the word Besson and Boosey & Hawkes below that. The serial number of my Besson falls into the gap in the late '80s, for which archives are unavailable. A linear interpolation suggests my horn was made in 1987, the same year I bought it. At least that rules out a suspicion I've always had: that it was made a year or more before I bought — and was initially withheld from sale because its.

List of Serial Numbers by Year, Besson Euphonium.

55 rows.

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An Index to Serial Number Lists. The following is presented to assist in locating serial number lists and/or other information useful in dating Brass Instruments. Tell us, If you know of listings not presented here. 18 rows.

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Besson International Model 3 Valve Euphonium Made in England Serial # 762-835255.. by A Myers · Cited by 9 — with the Besson name were given serial numbers in the Boosey & Hawkes sequence…. B4033 Imperial model Bf euphonium, four valve compensating pistons… Jeff Wardon Besson Euphonium Serial Numbers. 18 rows. Serial numbers 15693-17632. Front cover, 17556-67 (on page 1), initial signatures/pages missing 14396-15692 and 16131-44 apparently missing (14 numbers = 2 sides) Besson 'Cornets No. 7' Stock Book Oct 1887 – Oct 1889. Serial numbers 38051-42988. apparently complete Besson cornet Stock Book Oct 1889 – Oct 1891. Serial numbers 42989-47120.

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Besson brass instruments (excluding trombones) serial numbers below 124350 Besson trombones serial numbers below 124350 Distin/Boosey & Co./Boosey & Hawkes brass serial numbers below 560000.

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It is the old Besson Serial number search that I have used in the past. I just cannot remember the web address. I also wondered if other makers had any such data base. I bet all serial numbers and dates of manufacture are kept somewhere. This could be a very useful resource.

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Many non- Kanstul Bessons have 6 digit serial numbers or longer. If you see a 6 digit or longer serial number on a French Besson trumpet I'm guessing that it is not a Kanstul French Besson, but the 609. 31 Mar 1871 – Apr 1873: serial numbers 5 in serial number order. Besson cornet Stock Book Feb 1874 – Apr 1875. Serial numbers 2.

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Silver Besson serial number 375698 model 2-20 made in England all slides move valves play beautifully. Thanks Gabriele. The Olds trombones had a separate series of numbers that started in the 'teens and were higher than those of the trumpets and cornets through the 1930s and 1940s (about 10,000 by 1938). The horn bears the serial number 75412 on the valve set. Production records which can be used to establish the date of manufacture are available for London Besson, however none have been found for F. Besson, Paris. Above, the elegantly engraved valve caps.

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Shows the difficulty in dating by the serial numbers. The ones with dates mean that they have the grenade with the date stamp so it would appear that they started using serial numbers in the 30000 range back around 1920 then perhaps started a new sequence when they moved to their new address in 1937. 5297 1937 Tuba 5962 1938 Fluegel.

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Olds Serial Numbers Serial # Date 73000 Mar. 1952 80000 Jul. 1952 90000 Feb. 1953 100000 Oct. 1953 150000 Aug. 1955 200000 Nov. 1956 250000 Jul. 1958 300000 Sep. 1959 350000 Jun. 1960 400000 Mar. 1962 450000 Feb. 1964 500000 Feb. 1965 550000 Jun. 1966 600000 Jun. 1967 650000 Jun. 1968 700000 Jun. 1969 750000 Jun. 1971 800000 Jun. 1972 850000 Oct.. Lee's Sax Worx – Serial Numbers For Boosey & Co. (Brass/Flute/Reed) Boosey & Hawkes (Brass/Flute/Reed) Besson Brass Besson Trombone. Return to Lee's Sax Worx Serial Numbers click here to just say hi! return to Lee's Sax Worx Home Page Last Update April, 2000. The most interesting differences in these cornets is in the markings, Tom's is serial number 110 and mine is 1882, indicating that it must have been made several years later. In fact, it was made a year or two earlier. At about the time that Gustave Besson fled Paris for London in 1857, a new series of numbers was started.

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Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) Serial Number List 1974-2002 This chart is primarily intended to help with the identification of Sovereign Cornets but will help with Identifying other Boosey and Hawkes made brass instruments. Serial numbers are in the format 928-817061. The first part represents the model number..

PDF The Brasswind Production of Marthe Besson's London Factory.

Breaks down the serial numbers by which predecessor company by which the horn was made. Downside: stops @1986. You'll have to extrapolate from there. Too bad it's on a woodwind site! Jupiter JTU1110, Conn Helleberg 120S. Top. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. Here is another list of Besson Serial numbers from the Horniman Museum. This list is based on searches of the archives of the Besson/Boosey & Hawkes Edgware factory when it was shut down in 2001 by the acquisition of the Besson manufacturing from Boosey & Hawkes by the The Music Group. Kanstul at one point put their "K" logo onto the Besson horns they made – if you see that it is certainly Kanstul made, and would probably be an early one. There would almost always be a serial number on the valve casing. Early ones had 4 or 5 digits serial numbers and are definitely Kanstul made.

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